10 health and fitness journals to organise 2015

I have talked previously about how important it is to organise yourself when it comes to health and fitness. Because scheduling and making time for your health is sometimes the only way you ever get around to it, especially if you are still trying to make it into a habit, fit it in your routine or if you’re just a busy mo’fo.

My last post of health and fitness journals was really frigin popular, so I thought I’d do an update with some more pretty little journals and notebooks I’ve found for those of us who like to write things by hand and have a physical record, instead of using your phone or an app. I’m basically addicted to stationery so these excite me. In a completely non-sexual way. Maybe.

My favourites of the options below are definitely the Fit Book, and also The Daily Greatness Training Journal because it’s damn pretty.

Health and Fitness Journals | A Little Bit Of Lisa

1. Kikki K Food & Exercise Journal, $22.90. 2. The Daily Greatness Training Journal, $58.10. 3. Fit Book, $22.95. 4. MiGoals Goals Book, $19.95. 5. MiGoals Get Shit Done Notebook, $4.95. 6. Ban.do Stay Focused Notebook, $20. 7. Papier D’Amour Pixie Dust Notebook, $25. 8. Kikki K Goals Journal, $44.90. 9. Lorna Jane Ultimate Fit Girl Planner, $34.99. 10. Typo A5 Notebook, $8.99.

What do you think?