30 before 30 goals

30 before 30 goals | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I turned 29 last week. Oh sweet 20s, our time is coming to an end.
We’ve been through alot together in the past nine years. We’ve moved countries, moved back, had about 70 boyfriends, drunk about 700 shots, wasted at least $7000 on takeaways. Lol. Understatements.
I’ll save my nostalgia for my 30th birthday next year though, because I’ve got one year left to get shit done. You know what I’m sayin’?

Your 20s are about figuring out who you are and what you like and where you want to go in the future and all that important stuff. How can I possibly know the answers to all these things without ever having donated blood? Or made sushi? That’s some life-changing shit.

So I want to play the ‘30 before 30’ game and make a list of 30 flippant goals to attempt over the next 12 months before I reach 30 years and probably die of old age or become unrecognisable due to sudden onset of wrinkles.

Here’s my 30 before 30:

1. Skydive

Why not dive in head-first eh? Haa. See what I did there? But you don’t actually dive head-first do you? That sounds dangerous… I’ve always wanted to leap out of a plane and freefall to potential death. It sounds risky and I think when I’m 30 I will be really sensible so better get that done now.

2. Cook a roast dinner

Nope, never made one. I’ve roasted vegetables before, but like that’s easy. How in the heck do you even roast a chicken? Do I have to stick my hand in its orifices?

3. Climb a mountain

Obvi, not talking Everest or anything. I know I hail from Hilary Land and all that but shit, what do you think I am? Someone that enjoys camping in the windy snow without phone charging abilities? Gross. But I’m thinking a day-trek up Mt Egmont in Taranaki, or doing the Tongariro Crossing would both be great options for this one.

4. Learn how to curl my fucking hair

Seriously. This is some kind of wizardry. I’ve watched those GHD curling YouTube tutorials dozens of times, I’ve watched my friends and hairdressers and I’ve been told step by step how to do it. But it’s not possible. Not without getting sent to the burns unit anyway. I’ll try my best.

5. Log off technology for 30 hours

Maybe I could do this while I’m climbing Everest? I’m super into the idea of having technology-free days each week, but I’d never commit to it. I’ll try this one-off out first.

6. Make sushi

I’m not entirely sure why I want to do this, but it looks like a challenge and I’m up for one. Especially if I get to eat me some teriyaki chicken.

7. Start writing a book

I dream of writing a book and having it published and people actually read it. I’m not sure if it’s because I want fame and fortune, if I just love the idea of sitting in a hipster coffee shop writing on a Macbook or I genuinely have something to say. We’ll find out won’t we?

8. Bake a cake

I’m pretty sure I baked a cake once. Like when I was a child. And it was most likely shit so it doesn’t count. I want to make a delicious chocolate peanut butter creation.

9. Run a 10k

I’ve run a few 5ks and one half marathon, but I’ve never done a 10k event before. I am keen to get back into running this year and figure this is a good, challenging, yet not-too-crazy, goal.

10. Donate blood

I mostly just want the chocolate biscuits at the end, but hey it would be doing a good thing, right? As a journalist in my real life, I read and hear and see a lot of awful things like people with illness or disease, and people in crashes or tragedies – a lot of the time they need blood. I have plenty and it’s not even 30 years old yet so y’all are welcome to it. Unless you’re a vampire, in which case *hiss*.

11. Read 30 books

I love to read, but don’t do it enough. Usually I’m distracted by social media because millennial *shrug*. I look fondly back upon my teenage years when I read several books a week and hope to bring this habit back into my old-ladyship. 30 is the theme so 30 it is.

12. Do a handstand

I’ve had this on my goals list for such a long time. I have absolutely zero reason as to why. I just think handstands are cool and I am going to do one. So ner.

13. Deadlift 120kg

I just started doing deadlifts this year, and I feel like they’re such a good all-round strong badass lift. Currently I’m soooooooo close to lifting 100kg, but just can’t get it higher than a foot off the ground. So close. But I’m coming for you 120.

14. Ride a horse

I’ve done this before several times, and I actually used to be obsessed with horses when I was a child. There was some point though where I all of a sudden became terrified of horses. I don’t think anything in particular happened to cause this feeling and if it did I’ve blocked it from my memory. I don’t feel scared of them anymore so I want to give this another whirl.

15. Volunteer or donate to a cause I actually believe in

I’m pretty blase about most things tbh. Other than body image and feminism issues, and fitness, I struggle to form strong opinions or feelings about many causes. I want to find one that I can really get behind, and do something about it. It will make me feel like I’m a good person and have contributed something to the world other than white-girl-wasted vomit in the gutter.

16. Stay alcohol-free for 3 months

Speaking of… I don’t actually drink all that much now that I’m almost a 30-year-old grown-up, but when I do, I definitely get carried away. I want to stay alco-free until I have turned down drinks at least several times. I want to feel control over this one.

17. Meditate for 30 days in a row

Meditation is the greatest thing! I truly love it! Why is it so hard to do?! Not to literally meditate, but to sit your butt down and just do it. I’ve tried a few 21-day meditation challenges but never make it past day five. This time I will. It’ll be a good habit to have when I’m 30 and need a distraction from my aching bones.

18. Kill, smash and destroy my #bridebody mission

There’s obvs less time to achieve this one because we’re getting married in November, but I’m doing it anyway so thought I should probably chuck it on here. You can read about it here.

19. Light a fire

I wrote this list about a week or two ago and HOLLA SISTER I lit our fire about three days ago. I fucking lit that shit. I was all like ‘dracarys!’ and it burned cities* to the ground. (*logs of wood)
But sadly no baby dragons emerged from our fireplace.

20. Write a new blog post every week for one year

Fuck. This one is probably going to be the hardest tbh. I’ve been trying real hard lately and I’m getting better. This one benefits us both, so be my cheerleaders pls.

21. Visit 3 places I’ve never been to before

Given I’ve only got 12 months, we have a wedding planned in less than five months and we didn’t win $30 million in the lotto last weekend, I won’t be ticking off any overseas places for this one. But there’s loads of places in New Zealand that I’m yet to visit so it should be easy!

22. Do the Whole30 challenge

I thought I’d start my last 12 months in my 20s off right, so I’ve started my Whole30 already! You can read about that here.

23. Keep our plants alive

I have a potplant, I can’t remember the name of the actual plant but the damn thing is alive! I’ve never had a plant that’s lived before so I’m pretty proud. But since we moved to our new house a couple of months ago, I’m responsible for the plants in the actual garden outside. #PrayForThePlants

24. Save for our big overseas trip

We had big plans for a big trip to the USA later this year, but we bought a house instead. I still want to go next year. Mostly because I am desperate to go to Disneyland and also makeup shopping. We defs need to replenish them savings though.

25. Make a pavlova

I’m supposed to know how to do this because I’m a Kiwi and also because pav is one of my fave desserts. I will give it a go, but after my wedding because #bridebody.

26. Learn a language on Duolingo

This is on everyone’s goal list, right? It’s an easy one to say you want to do, but not so easy to actually do. Mostly because time/commitment/memory issues. I love the app Duolingo though and I’m like one lesson into the French programme so will try to keep going with it. So far I know how to say ‘the apple is red’. Suck it.

27. Buy a house

This is a total cheat listing, because we just bought our first home in April, so a few months back. But buying a house before the grand old age of 30 has always been a low-key goal of mine so I’m sneaking it on here. I want to write about it for you though so keep an eye out.

28. Quit coffee for 30 days

I’ve always hated the idea of being controlled by anything. I’ve never regularly smoked or done drugs because I hate the idea of being a slave to anything. (This is another reason I want to do the Whole30!). I think the same thing about coffee really. I never even had a real coffee until I was about 25 and I definitely don’t drink it too regularly, but lately I’ve been getting them a little too often. I even filled out a whole coffee card the other day. Alarm bells! So yeah. Shove your coffee and your ‘aw ma gawd, like I can’t even start the day without coffee’ memes.

29. Do a 30-day yoga challenge

OK so just one more 30-day challenge thing in here. I did a beginners yoga course at the end of last year and basically haven’t done it since. But I like it, so I wanna do it.

30. Have an amazing wedding day

I was going to say ‘get married’, but that would be cheating because we already know I’m doing that. Gosh unless I forget to put my shoes away one more time and Adam leaves me forever. But I’ve gone with aiming to have an amaaazing wedding day because I want to have a great day without feeling any stress at all and *through gritted teeth* as long as everyone does as they’re frickin told then I will. Lols kidding. I’m chill. I’m bridechilla.

OK so it’s just 360 days left to eat sushi scraps and burn my fingers with hair curlers. I got this.

What do you think?