Dear Motorist: Let’s act with love and share the road

Have you seen this video yet?
No? OK, watch it now. I’ll just wait here *points to here*.

“Every person’s life is worth a couple of seconds of your time” – is that not the most true statement you’ve ever heard?

When I started cycling last year I imagined that it would just be awesome fun like when I was a kid zooming around the streets and pretending to visit my “friends” at different “houses” on the side of the footpath.
Shut up, you did that too.

Turns out it was actually terrifying. You’re constantly on mega high alert trying to predict driver’s actions, trying to stay out of the way and do everything right.
But still I experienced several close calls with cars and buses, and I avoided roundabouts like the plague, and eventually, a year later, I sold my bike and quit cycling because personally I just don’t feel like it’s worth the risk.

Drivers hate cyclists. They haaate them. Cyclists are slow, they get in the way, they ride two abreast, they’re unpredictable.
It’s super easy to forget when you’re driving that cyclists are actually just humans, doing something they love to keep fit and healthy.
They’re not just ‘cyclists’, they are daughters, mothers, fathers, friends.

If you were walking down the footpath and someone in front of you was walking particularly slow, you may get a little frustrated, but you wouldn’t start yelling abuse or walk really fast behind them to hurry them up, would you?
You would slow down and then walk past them when you had a safe opportunity to do so.

So, motorists, recognise that your anger towards cyclists is coming from fear. Fear of hitting them, fear of having to slow down, fear of being inconvenienced.
Stop acting in fear, and instead act with love towards those people riding their bikes. Slow down and take a couple of extra seconds, with love, because you know every life is worth that.

Oh, and cyclists, you can be jerks sometimes, so just stop that.

Share the road, pals!

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What do you think?

  • This is a really interesting issue Lisa, and I’m glad you brought up the anger vs. fear thing. Personally, I am terrified every time I have to pass a cyclist on a busy highway. I’m terrified that even though I’m one of the most cautious drivers in the history of the world, I will still somehow knock them off their bike with my side mirror or a gust of wind. As a motorist, I respect and fear the road so much that I would never dream of taking to it with a bike (I am also the most cautious pedestrian ever). I don’t think I’m paranoid – I’m just meticulously careful around roads because many people are killed on them and not enough people respect them. I do think every time anyone goes near a busy road, they are at risk – however it’s kind of necessary to go near them, and people in metal boxes are much safer. I am as careful as I can be, have genuine respect for their love of the sport and I still think I might hit one with my car. I’m not sure that bicycles and cars/trucks should share the road – it’s an unfair playing field. I do think governments should respond to this by building more dedicated bike tracks where cyclists can feel safe about riding, and to encourage more people to take it up. For now I’ll stick to the stationary bike!

    • Thanks for your comment, Sarah!

      I completely agree there is many people who don’t respect the road enough, but I don’t think we should fear it.
      I read somewhere the question… ‘do you drive to the speed limit because you’re afraid of getting a speeding ticket or having a crash? Or do you drive to the speed limit because you love and care for yourself, your family and other road users?’ – which sums it up for me!
      I reckon we need to choose the love decision, every time, in everything, because love is more powerful than fear!

      In regards to sharing the road, it’s maybe unrealistic to expect dedicated tracks be built – particularly for road cyclists who choose the road for its actual location, but I just think people need to stop being so ignorant, and respect each other!

      Woah, things got all serious up in hurrrr…