Our engagement photo shoot experience

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Almost every time I’ve mentioned our engagement photos to someone they’ve been like: huh? What’s that? Did you have someone there when you got engaged? What do you need engagement photos for? Why? What about the wedding photos? BUT WHY? WHY IS THE SKY BLUE? Etc
I’ve been like: do you live in the African jungle, idiot? How have you not heard of engagement photos?
Not really. Not to my mum anyway.
They are a thing though.
They’re perfect for helping you get used to having your picture taken, getting to know your wedding photographer, practising your romantic poses and pretending you’re a celebrity.

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We got the pictures back last month and I couldn’t wait til I got home so plugged the flash drive in at work and spent a good 20 minutes gushing over my own face and squealing ‘OMG WE LOOK SO GOOD’. Much to the delight of my workmates, no doubt.
Srsly though, we look like celebrities. Either that or clothing catalogue models.

We had our photos taken by Faith Sutherland, who is a friend and work colleague of mine. Her style is absolutely perfect and totally suits our tastes. And by our tastes I obvs mean mine, cos lol.

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Faith did some serious research into finding a few locations around Palmerston North that perfectly matched the vision I had in mind.
The beautiful sunset light, the sweet grassy meadow, the enchanted forest.
Actually, none of those things were like that in real life, but Faith did an amazing job of shooting so that is exactly what it looks like. Photographer wizardry.

We were also extremely lucky the weather was perfect on the day. Actually, we did the pics in the late afternoon (time for me to do makeup and have my hair done!) and in the morning it was pissing down with rain.
So I spent the whole time at the hairdresser looking out the window thinking ‘well, fuck’. Clearly, my positive thinking is what made the weather improve…

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We were both pretty nervous before the shoot.
When the only photos you have of yourself are perfectly posed selfies then it’s a bit terrifying to lose control of how you might appear in a photo. Especially when it’s one you hope to use for your save the date cards, print out and stick on your wall and give to all of your family as Christmas presents (surprise family!).
My selfies are basically all of the same smile and same face angle. So, what if I actually have no idea what I really look like? How do other people actually see me? Jeez. Scary alert.
Turns out, I’m no hideous Picasso. I’m gorgeous af. As you can see. But still, that’s probably just because Faith got skillz. And also because makeup.

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I was thinking that it would be awkward kissing and cuddling while someone a few feet away takes pictures. Surprisingly those parts were fine.
The weird part was touching Adam’s face in a gentle caressing way while staring lovingly into his eyes. Because uh, we never do that. Should I be doing that? Is that something married people do?
The face touching part probably won’t catch on around here but the staring into each other’s eyes part was LOVELY.
How many of you actually take time to stare into your bae’s eyes? It was like a magical unicorn moment. I was all like ‘luv u bae 4eva’ and Adam was all like ‘u so hot, mary me’.
Seriously though, it was nice, try it. Remember consent.

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I was pretty self conscious at the start and all worried about sucking my tummy in and trying not to make my arms look huge or get all them double chins up in my grill.
Several times I asked myself why did I choose a tight dress again? Also, I’m so hungry! Did I remember to put mascara on that eye? Don’t get too close I only had time for one coat of nail polish!
But Faith was great at telling us how pretty we looked and made us feel super chill. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what a girl needs in a wedding photographer.

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I’m stoked with the photos. Faith did an incredible job and I highly recommend her if you’re in the Manawatu area. I feel like my #bridebody mission (read about that here) is definitely still needed, but I’m more than happy with the way I look in these pictures. Also, Adam obviously looks amazing, too. Dem eyes. Hot babe, mary me?

What do you think?