Goodbye Australia, hello New Zealand

Goodbye Australia | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I’m here! Hello! I’ve done it!
I made it back to my homeland New Zealand.

The last few weeks I had in Australia were madness. I can not believe how much crap I collected up in just four short years.
Adam has always told me I’m a hoarder. “Whateeeeever,” I would say. “You don’t even knoooow.”
Nope. He does know. I’m a hoarder. Clothes, shoes, DVDs, books, notebooks, magazines, ugly decorations and even a hoola hoop. What the heck, Lisa?

Well, let me tell you, after the amount of stuff I gave away, donated to the Salvation Army and threw out, I swear I will never collect so much useless shit again.
I’ll try, anyway…
Shut up. You don’t even know.

So I packed up everything. Whittled it down to one giant suitcase, one little suitcase, one medium-sized bag, one backpack and my handbag. That was $275 of excess baggage and I don’t regret a thing! I’d have taken more if I had more bags!
Although, it was a mighty struggle at the airport to push a trolley around with more than my own body weight of luggage on it.
All of my training was leading up to this moment!
Seriously though, moving countries is the actual worst thing ever. If everyone could kindly remind me of this next time I think it’s a good idea, that’d be appreeshed. Ta.

But let’s get real for a moment. Sit down, take off your bra if you like.
I was sad to leave.
Sad to leave the country where I discovered who Lisa is, where I discovered how important health is and how much I love fitness, where I made loads of new friends and experienced so much. Where I get picked on for my accent and live in fear of finding a giant spider in my washing pile every day.
But coming home was the bomb diggity and man am I happy to be here.

I’m also really happy to be back here on my blog, which unfortunately I haven’t had a lot of time to focus on. Sorry about that.
But I’ve missed you, and from your feedback, I think you’ve missed me, too! *heart flutters*
Don’t worry, I won’t leave you again.

PS. I’ve updated my About page, if you want to check it out!

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