Gym Style: Bling in the gym – hell yeah you can!

A Little Bit Of Lisa Gym Style Bling

I think we can all agree that SPARKLY is the best thing ever.
No, that’s not debatable.
Yes, even though glitter gets stuck in everything.
No, I do not look like a disco ball.
Yes, I’d still be cool even if I did.
Hell yes, even at the gym.

Who says sparkly things are just for sparkly evenings, anyway? I think we can and should wear sparkles whenever possible. Which is always.
So I found lots of bling things you can wear at the gym. You’re so welcome!

A Little Bit Of Lisa sparkly shopping

1. Running Bare All That Sequins tee (same as the one I’m wearing), $35.99. 2. Wet Seal Glitter Trainer Sneaker, $36.90. 3. TopShop Glitter Palm Leggings, £15.00. 4. Nasty Gal 7 Chi Glitterati Sequin Backpack, $78.00. 5. Mink Pink Seeing Stars Jogger Short, $69.99. 6. Yoox Bench Top, $29.00. 7. Disney Minnie Mouse Tee for Women, $32.95. 8. Serafini Luxury Low Tops, $166.00.
9. Baukjen Sophia Sequin Joggers, £81.00. 10. Victoria’s Secret Bling Duffle, $49.99. 

What do you think?