Let’s catch up! Here’s what’s been happenin’ in ma lyf lately

Catch Up | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Sooooo. It’s been awhile, huh?
Sorry ‘bout that.
Can we still be friends?
I tried to explain why I’ve been gone the other day… so I hope we can still be pals and maybe even eat honey soy chicken chips together one day. You know, like old times?

Apart from feeling completely and utterly guilty and sad about not writing on A Little Bit Of Lisa for the past forever, I have been doing a few other bits and pieces so I thought I better catch you up.
Here are 10 things, hand selected for you, that have happened in my life since we last spoke. And by “hand selected”, I actually mean I could barely think of 10 things so this is the crap I came up with that’ll have to do.

1. I got engaged!
Ok, so this only happened like a month ago but it’s probably the most exciting thing ever. Adam’s proposal was suitably romantic and definitely a big surprise. The only sad thing about now having a gorgeous fiance is that I don’t get to say ‘boyf’ anymore, and that’s probably one of my fave word-cuts ever. I’ll probably still say it though because you can’t tell me what to do! You’re not the boss of me!

2. I put on like 10kg!
I’m probably not as enthusiastic about this as that exclamation mark would have you believe. Also, I swear this has nothing to do with the previous point. I wasn’t all “WOO! Got the ring, now get me some cake! NOM NOM NOM”. It’s not so great, in fact, rather unideal. But that’s OK, I genuinely don’t feel too shitty about it because that is life and that is the way the cookie crumbles. Oh god, don’t even talk to me about cookies. It’s all the cookies’ fault! Seriously though, we’ll talk about this later. Let me just finish this cookie first.

3. I dyed my freakin’ hair!
After several weeks of being bored with my always-forever-been-blonde-except-that-rebellious-time-in-my-late-teens hair, I ummed and ahhed over what to do. Then I was like, I should get ombre hair! Then I was like, oh wait, is ombre even cool anymore? Then I was like, YOLO. And so I now have ombre hair. Am I bored of it already? Possibly. Also, regrowth that is light instead of dark is super weird. I feel like I have fluffy white sparrows nesting in my roots.

Catch Up | A Little Bit Of Lisa

4. We moved house!
When we first moved back to New Zealand (almost exactly one year ago!) we were in a temporary house with freakin’ sweetly ridiculously cheap rent. It was so cheap that we were practically squatters. Except with like a real bed and also a TV. Anyway, that was choice and helped us save up some pennies. Now we have moved to a lovely house with carpet. Sweet, sweet carpet! We are now saving up to buy our own first home and to travel and for a wedding – ZOMG a wedding!

5. My kitty cat Brian died
This was very sad times. Brian, who lived at home with my mum, got some pretty aggressive cancer a few months back so had to be put down. Bri was my first cat when I moved out of home and he was very precious to me. But never fear, our darling kitty Nugget is still with us and being as cute and annoying as ever. When I say cute, I mean like he’s a seriously good looking kitty.

6. I was nominated for a fancy media award for being a fancy reporter!
I didn’t actually win the award and I’m not really a fancy reporter. I’m pretty un-fancy as a person actually… but I did get to attend a super swanky event at Auckland’s Sky City Convention Centre and dress up all pretty, which was pretty high-up on the fun list. I wore fake lashes for the very first time, which kind of felt like I had something stuck in my eyeballs all night, and I also had a lengthy conversation about chicken burgers with the girl on the counter at Wendy’s at 2am. What a win!

7. I found my photos from Europe!
You may remember back in 2012 I went to Europe for six weeks and when I got back I lost all my photos. Well, I found them. OHTHANKGOD I thought they were lost forever. I will share these with you at some point.

Catch Up | A Little Bit Of Lisa

8. I learned how to do archery!
I had so much fun writing a first-person piece for work about learning archery late last year. I think I was a bit of a natural and I would feel pretty confident slaying some zombies if need be. Me and Daryl Dixon would probably be besties.

9. I got glasses!
I am still on the fence over whether or not this is actually a good thing. Hey me, want to be a glasses nerd or have shitty vision? HUH? Yeah, I thought so…. Anyway, I thought my vision had become a little bit blurry so I got an eye test totally thinking the optometrist would be like ‘Yo’ eyes are fine, gurl!’ but what he actually said was ‘damn gurl! You fine!’. No wait, what he actually said was ‘You need glasses, Lisa. That’ll be five thousand bucks, kthanxbye’. Or something like that. Anyway, so now I have glasses.

10. I poisoned myself!
With food. I food poisoned myself. Is this something I really need to share in my update? Probably not, because it’s gross, like more gross than you could ever imagine. It was pretty much the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Especially because it was really my own stupid ass fault. We’ll talk about this later too.

So that’s me. What have you been doing?

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  • Congrats on getting engaged…
    I enjoy your blog and picked up on it from searching for being afraid of exercising…
    My wife is called Lisa too…but hates exercise….its a subject we avoid…
    Would love to get her involved….
    Any advice would be great….

    • Thanks, Stuart! Lisa is a most wonderful name :D
      Tell her to come read my blog hehe and also that I bet she doesn’t hate exercise, she’s probably just a bit scared. But it’s not that bad once you get going.
      Good luck! Let me know how she goes!