May favourites | 2016

May Favourites | A Little Bit Of Lisa

No, YOU’RE too late to do a monthly favourites post!
It’s halfway through the next month, but whatever. Let me live my life.
I just rully* (*really in New Zealander) wanted to join the cool gang and write about all the things I loved in May. I kinda dig reading these posts because sometimes you discover new things or you re-discover old things, and also I think it’s cool to look for the things you love in your daily life.

Even if they are material things, which most of mine probably are. Hashtag consumerism.
Because who actually wants to read the things I love about my life? Probably not you.

So, in the month of May, 2016, here is some shit that I thought was great:

Zoeva Rose Golden blush palette

I love this so so much and I’ve basically worn it everyday. I’m especially obsessed with the blush colour Palace Door. It’s definitely rose golden, it’s got some glorious shimmer and it’s just lovely. Sometimes I wear that on its own, but it looks equally fly with the Heavy Crown contour shade and the cute little Glowing Still highlight. The highlight looks white in the palette but it’s actually a super light champagne-y shade. I should try one of those swatch thingies that people do, right? Next time. Seriously though, I tried EVERYTHING to try get a photo of these cheek colours on my face, but you just cannot see the shimmer at all, and barely the colour. All I could produce was my grumpy face looking into the distance with an awkward pout. OH BEAUTIFUL MAKEUP ANGELS, PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO DO DIS. Pls. #prayforLisa

May Favourites | A Little Bit Of Lisa Lisa Knight | May Favourites | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Mac Velvet Teddy matte lipstick

I wasn’t exactly first to the party on this one. It’s been a popular colour for awhile, apparently thanks to Kylie Jenner claiming it’s one of her faves.
Lipstick is a relatively new love for me and I’ve only ditched the shiny and sticky lipgloss within the past two years in favour of luscious lippies. I’ve been totally cool with bright reds and pinks, but brown wasn’t something I thought would work for me. Turns out I was WRONG as heck cos damn this little boo looks good on my face. Probably yours, too.
It’s a matte formula by Mac, and this is my first one of those too. It’s pretty dreamy, stays on for ages, can withstand many sips from my drink bottle and only needs one or two touch-ups during the day. It can’t quite compete though if I’m stuffing my face with food, but it does OK and the colour is *finger circle emoji*.

Lush Lip Scrub

Lip SCRUB? More like lip YUM! *slaps knee*
For reals though, this smells so damn yummy I think it might be nice in my coffee. It’s really good at scrubbing your lips and making them all smooth and soft and all that, but yum though. I won’t deny licking my lips a little bit after* using this.

Cotton On Tea Flask

I’ve always dreamed of dashing out the door with a fancy flask of tea to sip on my way to work. Cos who doesn’t want to look like a posh British lady, am I right?
This thing is cool. You just chuck in your leaves, or a teabag, and then pop the infuser in the top and you can sip straight out of the flask without getting tea leaves stuck in your teeth. Or y’know without bothering with tea balls or infusers.
I grabbed this from Cotton On, because apparently they just sell everything now, and it was a cruisy $25. That’s cheaper than similar ones you can get from T2, which is nice.
It’s not super big though, so don’t put lots of tea leaves in there if you want to sip from the flask because that shit just keeps on brewing and I don’t know about you but I’m not keen on literally black tea. I also like its rose gold lid.

May Favourites | A Little Bit Of Lisa May Favourites | A Little Bit Of Lisa

T2 New York Breakfast

I’ve loved this brew for a long time but I’ve been thrashing it since I got my tea flask and since the weather was all like ‘WINTEERRRR!’. I prefer it over coffee right now because milk and I are not friends at the moment and milk is definitely not coming to my birthday party.

Little Island Toasted Caramel Coconut Nice Cream

On that whole milk and I break-up situation, I’ve fallen in love with mostly everything from Little Island. But this ice cream or ‘nice cream’ is the bomb digs. There’s big pieces of shredded toasted coconut mixed in with a big blob of creamy caramel-ness in the middle of the coconut-based ice cream. So tasty and makes my tummy happy. Soz don’t have a photo cos I ate it all *shrug*.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I haven’t loved a book this much in a long time. To be fair, I haven’t read much in awhile. But shit. This is amazing. It’s all about how to live creatively and holy shizballs I’ve never felt so inspired. I plan to write a full book review on this so keep an eye out. Check it out here.


Our engagement photos

I am SO happy we got engagement photos taken. I absolutely fell in love with us when I saw our little faces smooshed against each other in these photos. We are just so damn adorable and lovely and our photographer Faith did an amazing job. I can’t wait to print these out and frame them for our wall, but I can’t flipping choose which ones I like the best. I wrote about our engagement photo shoot experience and you can read about that here (and drool over our pictures!).

Coffee in my smoothie

I’m an absolute genius sometimes. I really am. I’ve uncovered a whole new world of deliciousness with this one. COFFEE IN MY SMOOTHIE. Those fancy Nestle coffee sachets, like Mocha or Salted Caramel Latte, yeah chuck one of those babies in your healthy morning smoothie for a coffee flavour and a boost. You’re welcome.

That’s it. That’s all I cared about in May.

What do you think?