2014 resolutions and goals review and refresh: Part One

Resolutions and goals review and refresh | A Little Bit Of Lisa

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Remember back at the start of the year I made some goals and laid down my resolutions for the year? Hopefully you did the same and whipped up some snazzy ideas to work towards this year.

Well, we’re now more than halfway into 2014, which has gone ridiculously fast.
In fact, I think things go faster when you get older, so that obviously means I need to stop getting older, right? I’ll put that on my goals list, too.

I love making goals, I love thinking about goals, I love achieving goals and I also love pancakes.
At the start of the year I made a few (goals I mean, not pancakes) and now I want to see where I’m at with those, maybe refresh them a bit and get excited about them again. I get bored easily, y’know.

Here, I present to you my 2014 resolutions and goals review and refresh: part one.
I highly recommend you do the same, by the way *exaggerated wink*.

My theme for the year is ‘home’ and I resolved to get comfy in life, with my body, my actual home and my blog, which I believe can all be done by simplifying!
Here’s what I actually said way back then:

I plan to eat simply and healthily as though food is just body fuel, exercise for enjoyment and to reach my body goals without stressful training plans or commitment to entering events, and to buy only what I really need.

To further simplify I also plan to cut out or down on things from my life that don’t bring me inspiration, love, laughter or joy, including the huge attachment I have to communication, my phone and the internet.

❤ So, obviously my ‘home’ theme is going spiffingly, with my recent return to my sensational home country of New Zealand. Tick that off your list, matey.

❤ I can definitely confirm that I have been eating simply and healthily. I’ve been eating basic foods – no fancy nonsense – just to make sure I’m getting the right amount of nutrient goodies that my body needs and I’ve mostly cut down on a lot of junk. The past few weeks excluded… I had some ice cream, whatchya gonna do?

❤ I can also confirm that I don’t have a stressful training plan or any commitments to anything other than feeling good.
In fact, in stark contrast to the stress of training for events last year, I am greatly enjoying training this year. I look forward to getting to the gym or outside and just generally being active!

❤ I’d like to say I’d followed through with giving up my attachment to communication and being constantly connected, but I’m Generation Y so it’s basically not possible. It’s in my genes, I tell you!!
OK fine, I’ll try harder, stop yelling at me.

❤ My body goals of reaching my ‘goal weight’, building strength and loving my body are going beyond brilliant.
I have built a lot of strength and I can now lift weights that seemed impossible last year.
I remember when I first started going to the gym last year that I could barely bench press the bar by itself, which is 20kg. But now I can do that and more, and I can even do push-ups on my toes, and a whole bunch of other improvements as well.
It’s really amazing how quickly these things improve if you just keep going. Peow peow.

❤ Also, I’ve started to learn that loving my body as well as aiming for a particular ‘goal weight’, or number on the scales, may just be mutually exclusive.
That number on the scales is starting to mean less and less to me, and I’ll tell you all about that another day.

❤ For my other goals I wanted to blog more (check!), read more (check!), save money (check!) and meditate daily (almost check!).
Also, to live and act with love and intention, and to inspire people to live a happy and healthy life – have I inspired you?!

In part two, I will share the refresh of my goals for the second half of 2014!
Did you make goals at the start of the year? How are they going? Let me know in the comments below, tweet me or send me an email at hello@alittlebitoflisa.com! I’d love to hear from you.

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