Sugar cravings and starting my first Whole30

First Whole30 | A Little Bit Of Lisa
I’ve literally eaten about four blocks of chocolate in the past week.
It might even be more than that, to be honest. Can’t really remember. WOOPS.
I’m sick of listening to myself whinge and write about this tbh. You are too, probs.
But I just can’t even stop. The chocolate I mean.

They’re probably going to make a TV show about me. Each episode will be me visiting the supermarket and will be 45 minutes long as the cameras follow me around the aisles as I deliberate over whether or not I should actually get chocolate.
I’ll walk past the confectionery aisle several times before actually going down it. When I go down it I’ll stop and stare into the camera and imagine eating every single flavour until I decide which one I’m craving the most. Is it peanut butter? I can feel the sweet creamy filling on my tongue just thinking about it. No, maybe I’d prefer the satisfying crunch of black forest or that new Oreo one. Drool.
Then the live audience will yell in unison ‘NO, LISA, YOU DON’T NEED IT, GO GET SOME VEGES’.
Obviously, I’ll just end up buying two blocks of chocolate, some ice cream and a bag of candy.

Yeah, this is literally my life right now. I’m utterly controlled by sugar.

I’m not one of those people who goes from one fad diet to the next but I do often promise myself that I’ll eat well, and subsequently stomp all over that sweet-intentioned promise.
I really feel (or felt) like I could maintain a comfortable weight and health by just making good choices and that whole ‘moderation’ thing.
But as my bad choices have slowly become more and more often, I feel that they’ve now become habit.

So *major commitment alert* I’ve decided to do the Whole30 programme. Which, I know, totally sounds like some sort of fad diet.
But actually it’s touted as a nutritional reset for your body and basically involves eating real food for 30 days.
You’re not allowed to have any sugar or sweeteners, dairy, grains, alcohol, legumes, and preferably not processed foods of any kind.
You’re also not supposed to create any junk foods or treats with approved ingredients (like no ‘clean cupcakes’) and you should try to eat organic and free range food where possible.
For 30 days you are to eat only meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit, eggs and good fats from fruit, oils, nuts and seeds.
You’re also not allowed to weigh yourself for the 30 days, because that takes away the focus from how it feels.

You can read all the programme details here.

It sounds legit, right? Eating actual real food and all that. Makes sense.

I’ve just finished reading the book It Starts With Food, which is by the Whole30 creators. It’s a great read and explains the programme and all the reasons and benefits behind following this sort of lifestyle – which is essentially ‘paleo’.
You can find all the details of how to do the programme online but I highly recommend reading the book.
It is full of science-y explanations and references and totally feeds my desire for knowledge of nutritional and health science. Actually, it’s very similar to the stuff that Dr Libby talks and writes about, so if you’ve heard her speak or read one of her books then you’ll be reasonably familiar with the concepts.
(FYI, if you haven’t heard her speak or read one of her books then you should do yourself a favour and get on that because she’s awesome).

I love the style of tough love and sassy authority from Whole30 creators Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.
They do make a lot of grand promises though, and the book is filled with a lot of great testimonials and claims from people who’ve done the programme with success.
People have allegedly cured disease, allergies, injuries and ills that they’ve suffered from for a long time and people have lost buttloads of weight.

It seems promising. I’m excited.

The Hartwigs ask you to consider your reasons for wanting to do it.
So I’ve thought about my main reasons for starting my first Whole30 and here’s those reasons (all of which people have claimed the Whole30 has solved for them):

  • Kickstarting my weight loss (#bridebody)
  • Major digestion issues and regular pain in my stomach
  • Getting control of my sugar cravings
  • To have more energy and focus
  • General inflammation and puffiness in my body, especially my legs

Some other issues that I reckon the Whole30 could solve, and that I’ll be monitoring are:

  • My skin, particularly my dark undereyes
  • My shoulder injury
  • My constant hip flexor pain
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • My watery and blurry eyes
  • Bad sleeping
  • General anxiety and stress

So I’m starting my first Whole30 and I’m excited about it. I love having more knowledge about my body and how it processes certain foods and nutrients and I am super hopeful that I’ll regain my chocko-chomping control.

I started on Sunday after spending one zillion trillion million squillion dollars on groceries and doing a bit of meal planning and pinning the shit out of recipes on Pinterest.
Have a look at my Whole30 board on Pinterest if you’re interested. I’ll have a summary of my first week with everything I ate next week.

Wish me luck!

What do you think?

  • Awesome! I’m excited to see how you go! I did a whole30 a couple of years ago and then did my own variation of a 60 day clean eating challenge earlier this year. Both were a great kickstart. My biggest advice would be to always be prepared, make sure you have approved snacks and food prep like a boss :)

    • I’m excited too! I’ve definitely done a mega food prep. In fact I think I may even have food prepped too much haha. Hopefully all the veges I got don’t go off! Thanks for the tips :D

  • I just finished my Whole30. You are in for a treat! Pun intended. Best advice: always cook more protein for dinner than you will eat so you have breakfast and lunch covered. My gas grill got a real workout. Now I am nervous about adding back in. I have not had one case of GI distress since I started. Believe me, that is a miracle!