Tuesday Check-In: Daffodil Day, Rainbows End and some news!

Daffodil Day | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Happy Daffodil Day!
Well for last Friday… yay an excuse to wear my bright yellow blazer. LOL. Like I need an excuse.

I’ve had a busy week! Gym time, work, bla bla usual stuff. Then this weekend just gone I went to Rainbows End in Auckland!
Rainbows End is New Zealand’s only theme park! There’s a rollercoaster and some pretty bad ass rides.
Before I went everyone was all like ‘Rainbows End is lame wahwah’. So not correct! It was awesome fun. Not sure why scaring the crap out of yourself is fun, but it is.

Anywho. I have some semi-sad news today.
This is going to be my last Tuesday Check-In post – ever!
In all honesty, it requires a lot of energy to create this post every week, and it’s not overly popular with you guys!
I’ve decided, instead of weekly updates, I’m going to do monthly updates instead! It will be a huge recap of my whole month with pictures and stories and also a round-up of what’s been happening on A Little Bit Of Lisa (like this post yesterday).
I will obviously share extra exciting things with you as they happen but I think monthly updates will be way more awesome for everyone!
I still love you!

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