Tuesday Check-In: Nugget the kitty cat and my new life

Tuesday Check-In | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Tuesday is probs my fifth favourite day of the week. Obviously the order is Saturday, Sunday, Friday, Monday… then Tuesday.
OK yeah so that doesn’t make Tuesday sound that great…
But it is great! Mostly because it’s check-in day though, right? Right, guys?? … guys?

It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in with y’all because of moving and all that.
But here I am, living my new life in New Zealand! We are living in Palmerston North, which is central-ish North Island, and I really love it.
I didn’t hear great things about the town before I arrived so it’s a pleasant surprise to see that it’s pretty great.
There’s an awesome shopping centre, the town is clean and pretty, everything we need is here and it’s close to Wellington!

I have joined a gym in town – chosen for its awesome proximity to my work – and it’s taken a little while to get into a routine with my new work hours but now I’m into it again.
It’s funny/amazing/shitty how quickly your fitness and strength disappears if you don’t work out for a few weeks. Thankfully it comes back pretty quickly as well.

On Sunday I dragged Adam out to an amazing bush track! We ran about 4km of the track, which had the freakin’ mother-load of stairs so I was absolutely wrecked afterwards.
How good is it to be in nature though? And there is nothing as good as New Zealand bush. If there was a fight between all the bush around the world, then New Zealand would win. Like a moss.

Also, we got a kitty cat! His name is Nugget and he is the cutest damn thing you’ve ever seen.
When we left NZ for Australia I had to leave my beloved cat Brian with my mum. She has claimed him as her own now so a trip to the RSPCA a few weeks ago and we came home with Nugget.
So now I have a pet again and my life is complete!


Getting my little kitty cat Nuggie has been a huge highlight of EVERYTHING. But this week… getting out into nature for a run was probably the best thing ever! Go do it!


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Cheerfulness is the best promoter of health – Proverb

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