Tuesday Check-In: Running is really hard and sunshine is great

Tuesday Check-In | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Even though I’m starting to feel a tad “home”-sick for Australia, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the weather here in Palmerston North.
It’s been a bit cold – obviously, it is winter, derr – but almost every day has been beautifully sunshiney! Yes ma’am, that’s a word.
It does beg the question though, if every day is so sunny why am I not getting outside more? Because lazy, that’s why. I’m a lazy disgrace at the moment.
So I went for a run yesterday. I didn’t go far and it was such a struggle. Such a hard, hard struggle. As you can see above, I pretty much died afterwards. It pains me that I’ve let myself get so unfit!
I went along the mighty Manawatu River, which was refreshing. Nature is tops.
In conclusion, running is very hard. But I will not give up! Mark my words, matey.


I made some peanut butter chocolate fudge! It’s vegan, paleo and has no added sugar. It tastes ridiculously good and I don’t feel completely guilty eating it. Wanna see it? Go follow me on Instagram then, silly!


 Perspective is your greatest tool for transforming your body or changing your life.
I didn’t get to go to the NZ Fitness Expo, but Christel did!
MJ Valentine is a feminist and so am I! Awesome post on the definition of feminism.
Exercising for weight loss SUCKS sometimes, so here’s 50 reasons to exercise that ain’t got not a damn thing to do with weight loss.


“To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” – Simone de Beauvoir

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  • Hi lovely! Thanks for linking to my NZ Fitness Expo post! :D |

    Running is no easy task, it’s still something I’m struggling to get into that’s for sure! It’s great that you are actually getting out there and doing it, and I can imagine running alongside the Manawatu River must have been super beautiful!

    As a side note, it has been ridiculously cold here in Auckland. I am longing for the warmer weather! oxo