Tuesday Check-In: Super organised and holidaying down south

Lisa Knight | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I’ve just had the best few weeks in ages!!
So good that I didn’t even do a check-in last week. Naughty Lisa.
Mainly it’s been awesome because I feel so much more focused.

I’ve just spent the weekend in Queenstown with my favourite Australian, Melissa – in the pic! We had an amazing time catching up, drinking wine, eating great food and looking around.
It was freezing but so beautiful!

Last week I was so ridiculously prepared for LIFE. I prepared all my meals in advance for the week and damn it felt good to be healthy. Unfortunately I don’t have time to do that this week, but I’ll do my best to stay as organised and healthy as I can anyway!

I’ve been absolutely killing it at the gym. Pushing myself really hard and making some good progress with weights.
I’ve yet to run this week for #runwithlisa but I’m so looking forward to getting outside and pushing my lil lungs to the limit!


Seeing again how many people have joined in #runwithlisa. Also, in Queenstown… I happened to sit on my bed cross-legged… and split a huge hole in the side of my jeans! Highlight? Huh?
Well, this required some emergency jeans shopping and I just happened to find the MOST comfy jeans I’ve ever had in my life. Just Jeans have brought out a fancy new material for their jeans, and it’s truly glorious. Go look at it. Right here. Go on.


“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.” – Kevin Trudeau

What’s been happening in your week? Talk to me, friends! Share a comment below, tweet me or email me at hello@alittlebitoflisa.com. I’d freakin’ love to hear about your week – for realz!

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