Whole30 Week 1 | Diary & What I Ate

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

One week of the Whole30 down. If I had any energy whatsoever then I’d do a victory dance.
I’ve stuck perfectly to the plan rules and I’m definitely seeing results – although no super good ones yet.
Most of the past week I’ve felt like absolute shit to be honest.
But I’m a champ (it’s what everyone says about me) so I powered through. I even took pictures of almost everything I ate – soz, I forgot a few times – and took notes of how I felt each day.

No judging my cooking though because food/cooking is the last thing I ever thought I’d be writing about.

Why I’m doing the Whole30 | What the heck is the Whole30 | Get the Whole30 book

Here’s my Whole30 week one and everything I ate.

Day 1

Pre-workout – small handful of roasted unsalted cashews
Breakfast – Scrambled eggs with red onion, red pepper, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and spinach, avocado,  and one organic no-added sugar beef sausage
Lunch – Lettuce tacos with chicken mince, red pepper, chillis, coriander, lemon juice, and avocado, plus a small handful of organic mixed berries
Dinner – Wagyu beef steak and roast veges (parsnip, eggplant, sweet potato, potato, carrot, pumpkin)Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

They say day one feels easy, and they ain’t wrong. I was excited and motivated about starting so I did an absolute heck-load of meal prep today.
I made a meal plan for the week, cut up SO MANY veges and cooked up an egg quiche and some turkey meatballs.
I am amazed at how orange and delicious free range eggs are! What? Who knew?
Also, fresh herbs and spices – how about it? Hashtag proud of me for cooking real stuff.

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Egg quiche | My mini recipe
Roughly chop spinach, red and yellow peppers, red onion, garlic, cherry tomatoes and spring onions. Cook with three organic beef sausages in fry pan until tender. Whisk 10 free range eggs in a bowl. Mix in sausage and veges. Cook in oven for 30 minutes on 200degC.

Day 2

Pre-workout snack – Egg quiche
Post-workout snack – Turkey meatballs
Breakfast – mashed sweet potato with egg, half a banana, small handful of nuts (macadamia, almonds, cashews) and shredded coconut
Lunch – Lettuce tacos with chicken mince, avocado, small handful of mixed organic berries
Snack – apple slices with almond butter
Dinner – chicken breast and roast veges (potato, sweet potato, parsnip, pumpkin, eggplant, carrot, broccoli, red and yellow peppers)Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I noticed today that I was clenching my jaw a bit. This is something I subconsciously do when I’m feeling stressed and I’ve done this before when trying to eat healthy. Is it because my mouth is bored from not snacking on chocolate all the time? Probs.
I also noticed today that my meals are completely satisfying. I’m not wanting for anything else and feel I’m constantly sitting at about a 7 on the fullness scale. And yes, that’s the scientific name.
My main struggle for today was not being able to have pre-workout before the gym in the morning. I’m obviously heavily reliant on this because my workout was hard and I was sluggish and weak.
I also felt like my tummy was quite bloated in the evening. No pain, just very bloated, which is confusing because I’m supposed to have cut all bloaty foods out.

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Turkey meatballs | My mini recipe
Put 400g turkey mince in a bowl with chopped-up chillis, peppers, onion, garlic, coriander, spinach, and coconut flour. Mix in 2 eggs until all combined. Roll into balls and cook in the oven for 20 minutes at about 150degC.

Day 3

Breakfast – Egg quiche and small handful of berries
Lunch – Spinach and lettuce salad with turkey meatballs, small handful of macadamias and almonds chopped up, avocado, and an orange
Dinner – Free range chicken drumsticks, roast veges and a kiwifruitWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Today I woke up feeling like absolute rubbish. The flu? It feels 100% like the flu. My body is achey, I feel fatigued and exhausted and have a massive headache. I left work at midday.
I read the Whole30 ‘what to expect’ blog post and day 2 or 3 is when you’re hit with ‘the hangover’. Many people have reported flu-like symptoms at this stage and if you don’t have a fever (indicating a real flu) then it’s likely it’s caused by the change in the way you’re eating and your body clearing out all the crap. I didn’t expect it to be this bad though.
The post also mentioned that the bloating I’m experiencing is probably from the change in enzymes and bacteria in my stomach as it adjusts to the new food it’s processing, so that’s a relief.

Day 4

Breakfast – Egg quiche and a banana
Lunch – Leftover free range chicken drums and roast veges, avocado and an orange
Dinner – Pork mince and cabbage stirfry (essentially a ‘deconstructed spring roll’)
Snack – Apple and almond butterWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Still feeling like absolute crap today and I spent most of the day napping under a blanket. I’ve still been sticking to my meal plan though so woo.

Day 5

Breakfast – Chia pudding with banana, almond butter and coconut shreds
Lunch – Leftover pork mince with cabbage stirfry
Dinner – Chicken and broccoli stirfry with cauliflower rice and berries
Snack – OrangeWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Totally forgot to take a photo of the fancy dinner I made tonight. I’m loving cooking real food and having real food in our house. Usually we have only bananas in our fruit bowl and that’s for smoothies, which are not recommended for the Whole30 sadly. I’m all about that smoothie life.
Felt fluey in the morning but better in the afternoon. Glad the worst of that seems to be over.

Day 6

Breakfast – Egg quiche and avocado
Lunch – Leftover pork mince with cabbage stirfry
Dinner – Roast veges and salmon
Snack – Apple, two meatballsWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Today is the first day I’ve started to feel cravings for sugar and I had a really stressful day at work so I’m totally connecting those two things. This is some sort of positive discovery! I’ve also been incredibly grumpy today. Very snappy and grumpy at everything and everyone. I expect this will only get worse. Fear my wrath!

Day 7

Breakfast – Egg quiche and avocado
Lunch – Meatballs and spinach and lettuce salad, banana with almond butter
Dinner – Chicken thighs and sweet potato
Snack – Apple slicesWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

There is nothing better than stabbing a sweet potato a few times, shoving it in the microwave for five minutes and then eating the most delicious thing ever. Except maybe apple slices.
I’m really loving this food. I am still completely drained of energy though, especially yesterday and today. Adam and I went Pokemon GO hunting most of the day (gotta catch ’em all!) and I cried actual real tears because I wanted snacks to take with us. Like chips and candy. Chips and candy are necessities for road trips and it was so hard not having them.

Whole30 Week 1 summary

Overall, I’m more than delighted with how my first week went. Even though I’ve mostly felt like I’ve been hit by a bus full of crazed ice cream-eating jellybabies, I’m just so stoked to see that it’s actually having some effect on me.
I’m assured by the book (here) and the Whole30 founders that the way I’m feeling is normal, so that to me is success.
Also, one of the greatest things has been recognising that my cravings are so completely psychological and related to my feelings at the time, or the situation where my body/brain expects certain foods.
I can’t believe how quickly week one has actually gone and that I have done one week of perfect eating.
The only place I’ve skipped slightly off-plan has been when I’ve had more than two pieces of fruit per day, as the programme recommends 1-2 pieces of fruit a day. But I’m not going to lose sleep over that.
I’m amazed at the feeling of satisfaction after eating. Not once have I felt full, which is usually what I eat to when I’m eating any meal. But I’ve then been sitting with a mild hunger until my next meal. Usually any tinge of hunger and I’m like  ‘EAT ALL THE FOODS’.
I thought only eating three meals per day with minimal snacking in between would be really hard but it has been so easy.
I’ve never felt like I’m missing out on anything, and have never needed anything else after a meal.
When I was walking around the supermarket the other day I was thinking how the majority of the foods were off-limits to me and I thought ‘what the hell have I eaten all week and why am I not starving?’.
But it reminded of something I heard a guy say in the documentary Hungry for Change – ‘don’t focus on removing things from your diet, focus on filling it up with good things’. Or something along those lines.

Basically don’t be sad about how you can’t have chocolate or treats, but just eat so much good food you don’t have room for any of that stuff.

Finally, my Whole30 week one pros and cons:


– no guilt
– feeling satisfied after each meal
– puffiness in my face has reduced
– stomach has flattened out a lot more
– I think I’m sleeping better already?


– Weak, slow and sluggish. All of my gym lifts are down significantly
– Mega ‘flu’ and mega headaches
– Desperately wanting chocolate or snacks in stressful or typical snacking situations

Let’s go week two – said with the most unenthused, exhausted tone ever.

What do you think?