Whole30 Week 2 | Diary & What I Ate

Whole30 Week 2 | A Little Bit Of Lisa

This week was hard. It was really bloody hard.

It’s not the food prep or cooking or organisation or the actual food itself that’s hard. It’s been the desperate cravings for chocolate and the headaches and tiredness and moodiness that’s been hard.
I was absolutely dying to just eat chocolate this week, which shows how damn tightly this evil substance has me all wrapped up in its lolly snake lasso.
I knew that I wasn’t going to quit and give in to the cravings but they’re still hard to deal with.

Other than that, I’m starting to see great results!

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Here’s what I ate for week two of the Whole30:

Day 8

Breakfast – Egg quiche
Lunch – Scrambled eggs with mushroom and spinach
Snack – Mandarin
Dinner – Prawns and zoodles

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWell, week two wasn’t off to a great start. I was absolutely rageful today. I nearly killed Adam. Over what? Who knows. On the bright side I was so angry over nothing that I stomped around the house doing loads of washing and scrubbed the heck out of the kitchen. Channelling the rage into cleaning – so Monica!
Also, clearly these “zoodles” (zucchini noodles) didn’t really work out. Tips welcome!

Day 9

Breakfast – Chia pudding with banana and berries
Lunch – Chicken, lettuce, spinach, cherry tomatoes and nuts salad, plus a mandarin
Dinner – Lamb chops with steamed broccoli, sweet potato, carrots

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I actually woke up feeling kind of great today. I didn’t feel super drained today, but not super energised either. Fingers crossed that this feeling will only get better from here.
Hard-boiled some eggs tonight so that I have a snack on stand-by just in case I am starving. I had egg quiche and meatballs last week for this purpose, but nothing this week except fruit so wanted something just in case. Feeling safer!
According to the Whole30 ‘what to expect’ timeline, this sleepy phase I’m going through is my body adjusting to the fact it can no longer rely on easy access energy sources, like sugar for example.
It just really makes working out hard, and working out is my favourite. I’m suffering so majorly not being able to have pre-workout.

Day 10

Breakfast – Sweet potato mash with egg, banana, nuts and shredded coconut
Lunch – Chicken, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, nuts and an apple
Dinner – Chicken mince and cabbage stirfry with carrots

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I forgot to take pictures of lunch and dinner today, mostly because I was distracted by the fact they say day 10 is the day you’re most likely to quit. NEVER! I’m far too stubborn. Although this day at work we had a morning tea with LOLLY CAKE. My favourite. So that was hard.
I felt fine today really and even had a good strong workout at the gym but cravings are strong. Like real strong. Did I already mention that? God I want lolly cake and chocolate.

Day 11

Breakfast – Sweet potato mash with banana and nuts
Lunch – Chicken mince and cabbage leftovers
Dinner – Chicken, steamed carrots, sweet potato and broccoli
Snack – Apple and a mandarin

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

My food this week has been so extremely boring and mum-like. Today is the perfect example of that. I had no feelings of any note today, which is actually a good thing. No tiredness and mostly in a good mood.

Day 12

Breakfast – Eggs and spinach
Lunch – Chicken and spinach salad with hardboiled eggs and nuts
Dinner – Scotch fillet steak and steamed vegetables

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

This was the hardest day ever. I was SO incredibly tired and SO incredibly grumpy all day long. I was irritated by every tiny thing and just generally not a pleasant person to be around. There was also another morning tea at work with an epic spread of sweet sugary delights, as well as a dinner out to farewell a workmate.
I thought dining out would be quite an issue, but it really wasn’t. I just ordered plain old steak and steamed veges. A friend informed me afterwards that it’s likely they cooked the steak in butter but I did ask the waiter and he assured me they only used oil. So I did the best I could with what I had. The steamed veges were shit and I couldn’t eat the greens because they were lathered in dressing. Home-cooked meals for the win!

Day 13

Breakfast – Sweet potato mash and egg and banana and nuts
Lunch – Chicken, spinach and avocado salad
Dinner – ‘Double down’ chicken burger

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

So I saw the KFC ad for the ‘double down’ chicken burger and was like YUM ALERT GIMME DAT. So I decided to make my own. I used chicken mince to make some flat chicken meat patties, then used those as the buns for my lettuce, fried egg and avocado. It was actually bloody delicious and I’m impressed by my own creativity. It looks tinsy in this picture but it was pretty huge.
I also totally hadn’t prepared any breakfast the night before, and I maniacally had to microwave half a sweet potato mixed with egg to make my breakfast while getting ready for work. This was scary. I really dislike being unorganised! Also, despite what this dreadful plate from the work staff kitchen would have you believe, I have not been eating any pasta.

Day 14

Breakfast – Chicken pattie with poached egg
Lunch – Two chicken patties with baked potato and a mandarin
Dinner – Chicken and broccoli stirfry

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Had to eat all them leftover chicken patties OK! But they really do make a great bread alternative. I’m looking forward to eating bread again though. Today I felt great. Had plenty of energy and wasn’t even grumpy at all.

Whole30 Week 2 summary

When I look at my food diary I feel like I’m lying. I’m like ‘nahh, come on Lis, you surely had more than just that’. But I ain’t lying friends! This is literally it, this is what I’ve eaten. Nothing more. It’s honestly so weird to me that I genuinely feel satisfied (apart from the desperate cravings thing) after each meal, and in between those meals.

Stoked to get through Day 10 “the day you’re most likely to quit”! I knew I would, but it’s awesome feeling in control and strong.
Turns out it’s nowhere near as strenuous to actually cook dinners in the evening after work. I’ve always told myself that shit is WAY TOO HARD. But I got this *nail painting emoji*.

I’m definitely losing weight. My ring has fallen off twice now and my watch keeps slipping down my wrist. Plus my clothes are feeling looser and I just feel lighter in general. Obvs can’t weigh myself yet, which I’m fine with because I’m enjoying actually paying proper attention to my body.

Week three has come so fast! Halfway there, babefaces. Is anyone keen to join me yet?

What do you think?