Whole30 Week 3 | Diary & What I Ate

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

This week was quite the opposite of last week. It was kind of easy.
I’ve really settled into the routine and habits a lot more now. I’m more than happy to cook my dinner in the evenings and get everything ready for the next day. It’s been no trouble other than a few minor headaches and feeling a bit tired. I mean, it’s easy to say that now the week is over…

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Here’s what I ate for week 3 of the Whole30:

Day 15

Breakfast – Eggs and spinach and a banana
Lunch – Leftover chicken stirfry
Dinner – Steamed sweet potato, carrots and broccoli with chicken breast
Snack – Kiwifruit

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Woke up with a headache today and really not that sure why? Maybe I’m not drinking enough water. I had a chilled out day and didn’t feel particularly energised, nor particularly tired. Bleh.

Day 16

Breakfast – Chia pudding with strawberries and kiwifruit
Lunch – Leftover chicken and steamed veges and a mandarin
Dinner – Salmon with cauliflower ‘rice’ and a baked potato

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Feeling really quite tired today, which is disappointing. I do feel light and good though and all systems are indeed running fabulously. While I feel tired, I don’t think it’s quite that same drained horrible tired feeling as before. It’s hard to tell. Shouldn’t I be feeling good by now? The Whole30 ‘What to expect’ says I should be feeling on top of the world by now! Well, I ain’t!

Day 17

Breakfast – Chia pudding with banana and strawberries
Lunch – I forgot to eat lunch! So late afternoon I had two apples and a mandarin
Dinner – Pork chop and roasted sweet potato, potato, parsnip and carrot

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Who the heck forgets to eat lunch? I felt really tired today. It’s quite disconcerting at this point because I’m supposed to feel awesome. I’m wondering if it’s because I genuinely am just tired.
But I also noticed today that I’ve not had the horrible painful feeling in my stomach for ages. Not sure why I only just noticed but I mean it only just registered that despite being tired my body actually feels really great and everything is operating so smoothly.
It’s frustrating that it’s so easy to forget how shit you felt before though because that makes it harder to notice how good you feel now. Does that even make sense? Who am I?
Also, Adam cooked the roast vegetables tonight and they were so much better than when I do it. Gosh.

Day 18

Breakfast – Egg and sweet potato and banana
Lunch – Chicken, lettuce, almonds, cucumber, tomato, olive oil lemon juice dressing
Dinner – Chicken stirfry with broccoli, peppers, cabbage

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Tired again today but I actually do feel great. I definitely feel motivated and focused about life in general. Is it possible to be not physically tired but more mentally tired? I think I’m just mentally tired. And I need an early night!
I had lunch at The Greenhouse today, which is a health food/salad place. They make amazing salads but they pretty much had something I couldn’t eat in every one of them, so I kindly asked for something off menu and they were more than happy to oblige! I just chucked out some ideas and they came through. It was amazing.

Day 19

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, spinach, avocado
Lunch – Leftover chicken stirfry and apple
Dinner – Pork mince, sweet potato, yellow peppers, onion, spring onions, mushrooms and a mandarin

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Shit, this dinner was good. Oh free range meat I love you so. I pretty much just made this up by chucking a bunch of food in the fry pan (not the mandarin…) and it turned out awesome.
I felt great today! Not angry or tired or stressed or hungry. Is this it? Am I there?

Day 20

Breakfast – Chia pudding with banana and berries
Lunch – Leftover pork mince and veges and a mandarin
Dinner – Chicken thighs and steamed veges

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

I woke up feeling awesome! Bright and not tired or hungry and feeling light and joyful! I think I’m there! Basically felt great and energised all day so this must be it! Yes! Whole30 magic!

Day 21

Pre-workout snack – Handful of cashews
Post-workout snack – Banana
Lunch – Scrambled eggs with mushroom, peppers, spinach
Snack – Apple and Blue Dinosaur paleo bar
Dinner – Roast chicken and baked sweet potato

Whole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of LisaWhole30 What I Ate | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Felt super good all day. Although a little hungry because my workout (a walk up the Manawatu Gorge) messed with my eating times.
Also, my dinner was rushed and unplanned because I had an event to attend in the evening but a quick trip to the supermarket for cooked chicken solved the issue quick enough!
I was especially delighted to find the Blue Dinosaur paleo bars at the supermarket because they’re actually Whole30 compliant and also not too overly sweet, which I’m really supposed to avoid given my penchant for chocolate and candy.

Week 3 summary

I can’t believe week 3 is over already. It really has gone so quickly and it’s been mostly easy. This week was another week of mostly boring meals just so I can get shit done basically. I’ve still been feeling totally satisfied and happy after each meal.

But the best thing about this week is I think I’m finally at the stage where I feel good. It felt like I was never going to experience this wondrous feeling they talk about.
I mean, to be fair, I wouldn’t say I am like some superhuman with boundless energy who wants to run around and sing on tabletops like some kind of over-enthusiastic musical theatre performer. But I do not feel tired during the day, my mind seems more clear and less foggy, I definitely don’t have any stomach or digestive pains and my cravings have dulled down a lot.

In saying all that, my steely focus for abiding by the program rules was slightly budged yesterday when I thought to myself ‘oh hell girl, you’ve done three weeks that’s a bloody good effort you may as well pack it in and get fish and chips for dinner’.

But when you’ve already come this far…

I think now is also a good time to start thinking about how I am going to continue on after the 30 days are over. So that’s my task for this final (extended) week with only 9 days left to go!

What do you think?