Wild By Nature by Sarah Marquis | Book Review

Wild By Nature Book Review | A Little Bit Of Lisa

What a lady. Honestly.
Sarah Marquis walked thousands of miles across desert and through jungles – so we don’t have to!

I was instantly intrigued by this book when I saw it in the shop. Any story about a badass woman doing something amazingly epic has got my attention.

Wild By Nature, by Swiss woman Sarah Marquis, is about a three-year solo journey she took through six countries in Asia and Australia. Through mountains, deserts, jungles and across rivers.
She walked you guys! WALKED! For THREE YEARS.

It’s actually really hard to comprehend that this is possible – three years of your life devoted to walking this great trek. It’s just a completely amazing feat. *mouth hanging open*
I don’t think I’ve ever read such a tale of perseverance.

I felt emotional and on edge as she retold the frightening and touching parts of her mega journey coming across horrible humans, wild animals and even more wild nature.
She describes the landscape scenes with such perfect detail and genuine passion it leaves such a strong image in your mind that you wish you could be there to smell and feel it as well.

The lessons she takes from each part of her journey are beautifully tied back to ‘real life’ and so very relatable.

I can’t say I’ll ever fully understand the ‘why’ behind her journey and I’ll never desire such a noble quest for myself, but I can definitely appreciate the enormous effort and challenge it must have been.
I found it extra wonderful because I honestly don’t think I knew that women did these kinds of things? My fearful mind would never contemplate such a thing.
I’m, maybe weirdly, especially touched by the fact the author Sarah was in Cairns for part of her trek at the same time I lived there. Maybe we walked past each other in the street?

She’s an incredible woman and her story is told with such a longing to be back in nature. I’m in awe of her bravery and devotion to her goal. I’ve never felt that strongly about anything except for how much I want to devour chocolate on a Friday night.
But after reading this book, I feel completely inspired to achieve great things, and reassured that they’re actually possible.

Wild By Nature is an easy read, while not completely gripping, there’s enough suspense to keep you going to find out what happens next.
I highly recommend this book and would give it a solid four stars.

Get the Wild By Nature book here.

This is the first book I’ve read as part of my 30 before 30 goal to read 30 books before I turn 30 next year! Next up I’m reading The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight.

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