Working out while on holiday… say whaaaaaat??

A Little Bit Of Lisa calf raises

There is far too much drinking and risotto eating to be done while on holiday to have time for a full-on gym session, right?
I want to explore the interior of every bar on the street and eat all the food. All the food!
That’s what Old Lisa would’ve said/done. Did do/has done.
But New Lisa says no.

I’m on holiday in my lovely home country of New Zealand at the moment and the temptation to be a lazy jerk who sits by the pool and drinks cider all day is there screaming at me.
“Liiiiisa! Let’s be a lazy jeeeerk!” – just like that.
But I know I will have mega regretsies about that when I get back to the real world (AKA the lame world).

Top of Mount Maunganui

So the other day I dragged my ass up a mountain.
A couple of months ago I’d have bounded up that little old Mount Maunganui with a skip in my step and a smile on my dial, but after a self-imposed rehab period of six weeks after running my first half marathon, which injured my everything, I discovered I am not quite the fit girl I was.
I whinged and moaned and stopped about 10 times. I just had to take photos though… That’s why…
And also it was really hot. Like probably about a thousand degrees, I’d guess.

I even walked up there in a bikini top and shorts. What?!
Yeah, I could feel my little belly squishing around as I thudded up there, but I wasn’t covering up my whitey glory for anybody while that sizzling sunburn machine was up there in the sky.
Except I did cover up with sunscreen. SPF 30, kids! Don’t forget!

A Little Bit Of Lisa Mount Maunganui

After that sweaty extravaganza we decided to find a local gym to pump away the rest of our holiday days.

Since I started spending time in the weights area of my gym I’ve become somewhat attached to the place.
I know how to work the trusty old machines, I know where everything is and I recognise everyone.
I know which creepers are going to stare at me and which ones make unnecessary groaning noises, and I can even tell when someone has got themselves a snazzy new gym outfit.

But rockin’ up to a gym here in Tauranga with our sweet free five-day trials (“Hi, we’ve just moved to town and we’re looking for a gym” Ha!) kind of feels like we’re all up in someone else’s hood.

A Little Bit Of Lisa five day trial
This gym is tinsy and the machines are all weird and flash and new and I don’t like change wahhhhh!
There was only one leg press, which was taken, and nowhere else to work my calves, so I improvised by holding a big-ass dumbbell in one hand and put all my weight on one leg at a time to do little wee calf raises (as seen in the picture up top!).

Improvisation is key to working out while on holiday!
Also, don’t stop being active because otherwise when you get home you’ll feel like you’ve gone backwards.
Plus, if you exercise then it will hopefully even out all the naughty food you’ll probably eat. That’s what I’m hoping anyway… *eats ice cream*.

A Little Bit Of Lisa ice cream

If you don’t have access to a gym when travelling away from home then you could:
 Practise your slow-mo Baywatch running on the beach
 Swim laps in your awkwardly shaped hotel pool
 Create a mini gym circuit around your room (you know – lift the furniture, jump on the bed, that kind of thing)
 Do something new and exciting like horse riding or surfing, or even enter a hot-dog eating competition
 No wait, not that last one…

What do YOU do to stay active while on holiday? Let me know in the comments below!

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